Medical Marijuana For Cancer

We sat down with Jessica to discuss her journey with medical marijuana.

“I was on the Dream Tincture drops at night, and the daytime he prescribed Sativa Orange Gummies. I was on them for about 2 weeks, and I did notice that they took care of the pain, which was great. So, I was able to immediately decrease my morphine, which was nice. At one point in time I was on that every 4 hours.

I guess morphine effects people different ways, but for me, it affected my taste buds, gave me that kind of fog. I was not my normal, bouncy, energetic self. Having the option to have that medicinal cannabis allows me the quality of life. I’ll be able to continue work. I’ll be able to enjoy taking pictures, and my photography. And my family can enjoy watching me, instead of seeing me as a cancer patient. ”


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