Save Time and Money at Checkout with Canpay

CanPay is the world’s first mobile debit app for use at cannabis retailers. CanPay functions like the debit cards you already have in your wallet, and can be used at goodblend! As a CanPay Mobile Debit App user, consumers can make debit purchases with no convenience fees.

CanPay – The Better Way!

CanPay is the only debit payment app that allows you to pay for your purchases at goodblend with a simple debit to your checking account when you make a purchase.

Mobile debit payment app you can use at goodblend.

CanPay offers a safe and reliable way to make purchases at goodblend. Because major credit cards and most banks are unwilling to allow their cards to be used in purchasing cannabis, consumers like you have been forced to either carry cash or stand in line at ATMs and pay extra fees.

Why use CanPay?

It’s Fee Free: No “convenience” or other fees when you make a purchase

It’s Convenient: no pre-planning to get cash or waiting in ATM lines

It’s Safer: no cash to lose

It’s Secure: cutting edge security means only you can make purchases with your account

It’s Simple: just generate a unique payment PIN in your CanPay app and you’re ready to make a purchase

It’s Debit: a debit is made to your checking account in the exact amount of your purchase.

Finally, a legitimate debit payment solution that makes shopping at goodblend like shopping anywhere else.

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Thanks for your product and service ! Your product is a tremendous help for my healthcare needs. I would definitely recommend your product and services to anyone who is looking for a natural alternative to medicine.


Jeffrey B.


I’ve had chronic pain for years from back surgery and Arthritis until I heard about Goodblend ! It has given me my life back.


Mary H.


Goodblend has been great, really easy and helpful talking to customer service, great delivery people. Much appreciation!




Products are high quality and consistent and they have great customer service and a great variety of products. Looking forward to seeing more products from them in the future.


Tommy N.


Goodblend, Has been a godsend thank you so much for your support and your great great medicine, You guys go above and beyond .


C.J. M.

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