Celebrating Women In Leadership

As we roll into Women's History Month, it's the perfect time to spotlight the incredible women leading the charge in the medical marijuana industry.

March 25, 2024

As we roll into Women's History Month, it's the perfect time to spotlight the incredible women leading the charge in the medical marijuana industry. Their stories are about planting seeds of change and nurturing a more inclusive, innovative, and thriving industry. Each of these women brings something unique to the table, whether through sparking creativity, driving efficiency, or inspiring those around them to reach higher. Their leadership is the kind that doesn't just command a room but also builds a bigger table for all of us. So, let's get into the heart of our celebration and introduce the remarkable women who are part of our team and making history.

Chelsea Farrell – Inventory Supervisor, NETA

Chelsea Farrell stands out as an exemplar of excellence within our organization. Known for her unwavering helpfulness, Chelsea has garnered deep respect from her colleagues thanks to her engaging personality and steadfast dedication. As an innovative leader in cultivation and production inventory management, Chelsea navigates the complexities of digital compliance with ease, enhancing operational efficiencies for the NETA team and serving as an invaluable resource.

Alli Henriquez - Market President, NETA

Alli Henriquez's leadership style is characterized by dynamic energy and a collaborative spirit. With her exceptional communication skills, she consistently seeks new opportunities to make a positive impact. Alli's fervent enthusiasm and dedication inspire her peers and drive our collective success, making her a respected and admired leader in our organization.

Mimi Herrick – Sr Director, Wholesale Sales and Operations, NETA

Mimi Herrick is a visionary leader whose dedication to her mission and goals is unwavering. Her approach to leadership is marked by proactive problem-solving, collaboration, and teamwork. Mimi navigates challenges with determination and grace, and her steadfast commitment to excellence continues to propel our wholesale sales and operations forward.

Andrea Baber- Retail Area Manager, Goodblend Texas

In regions less receptive to our products, Andrea Baber's leadership is pivotal. Her commitment, attentiveness, and motivational drive navigate the complexities of new cannabis markets with success. Andrea's positive impact on our business is not only respected but deeply valued, exemplifying the essence of effective leadership.

Ali Nikolic- Operations Training Manager, Parallel

Ali Nikolic exemplifies strength, resilience, passion, and care, prioritizing the organization and its team members. In times of change and uncertainty, Ali's alignment with our core values has been instrumental in maintaining our collective well-being and success. Her achievements and commitment to personal and professional development inspire all who work with her.

Katie Bennett- Senior Marketing Director, Parallel

Katie Bennett is a cornerstone of productivity within our organization. Managing a wide array of responsibilities with grace and efficiency, Katie's supportive, motivational presence, and hands-on problem-solving approach are invaluable. Her energy, positivity, and unparalleled work ethic make her an indispensable asset to our company.

Michelle Raemer-Distribution Manager, Parallel

Leading with compassion, Michelle Raemer creates a nurturing and productive environment that encourages everyone to strive for excellence. Her inspirational leadership style and commitment to her team exemplify true leadership, making a profound impact on our organizational culture.

These women's stories of leadership and dedication celebrate their individual achievements and also highlight the integral role women play in advancing the medical marijuana industry. As we reflect on their contributions this Women's History Month, let's draw inspiration from their journeys and continue to uplift the incredible women leading the way.

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