All you need is a prescription.

Have you ever wondered if weed was legal in Texas? With the Texas Compassionate Use Program, millions of Texans can get access to medical marijuana with qualifying conditions such as PTSD, Muscle Spasticity, Neuropathy, Cancer, and over 100+ more conditions.

Getting your prescription may be simpler than you think. We’ve partnered with medical marijuana doctors across Texas so you can get your medical marijuana prescription from the comfort of your home.

Step 1: Select your preferred medical marijuana clinic below, you’ll be redirect to their intake page.

Step 2: Once you’ve gotten your prescription, place an order by shopping online at or calling our Customer Care team at (512) 351-4600.

Step 3: Pay at delivery or local pick-up with Debit, Cash, or CanPay.

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Get a 6-month prescription for $189, or 3-month prescription for $110. Monthly payment plans available.

ARK MED Cannabis Clinic

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide proof of my condition diagnosis?

No. If you have any medical records or supporting documentation, this is very helpful for the prescribing doctors. Please provide if available, but it is not required.

Could I get my prescription if I haven’t been diagnosed with PTSD yet?

Yes. Our partner medical marijuana doctors have specialties that allow them to diagnose PTSD in patients. Please make your doctor aware in the TeleMed visit.

I have previously gotten my Texas medical marijuana prescription from a different doctor. Can I switch to one of these doctors?

Yes. However, you must first notify the previous doctor that you “would like to be released from their treatment in the CURT system.” This will allow you to transfer to a new medical marijuana doctor.

Do I get a Texas Medical Marijuana card?

No. The state of Texas does not issue medical marijuana cards. However, your legal marijuana prescription will be in the state system.

I get drug-tested for my work. Can I still get my prescription?

Possibly. We recommend getting prior approval from your work before consuming medical marijuana products. Many doctors will gladly write a certified letter stating that you qualify for the Texas Compassionate Use Program as a legal patient if you would like that to facilitate the conversation.

Does getting my medical marijuana prescription limit my rights to own a firearm?

There are no regulations limiting Texans from owning firearms because they participate in the legal state TCUP program.

Can I get weed (flower) as a Texas medical marijuana patient?

No. Unfortunately, smokeable marijuana flower is not legal under the current TCUP regulations. goodblend offers the widest assortment of legal THC medicines in the state, and our Customer Care team can help you find the right medicine to fit your needs (512) 351-4600